Animal Art

Every day wild animals become fewer and man becomes more plentiful. Scores of rain forests are being destroyed while wetlands and shorelines are being plowed under for human habitat.

Sherry Dole speaks in Nature’s defense as our world is overwhelmed by human “progress”. She believes that animals are KEY to our existence. We must make the survival on animals a vital priority. With her well-honed sense of whimsy, Sherry brings all sorts of animals to your attention. Sherry Dole’s celebrated animal fine art prints contain lavishly colorful compositions of glorious animals, sometimes elaborately costumed and sometimes not, in an animal world of their own. The animals may gaze intensely back at you or they may be involved in their own activities, oblivious to your presence. Sherry often paints her animals confronting you with their eyes. This is a point of connection between the animal and you. Sherry as always felt that personal connection with animals. She recognizes the unique individuality of each animal.

“Environmental concerns and animal welfare are global issues for all of us,” Sherry explains. “We can each make a difference–cutting back on the use of fertilizers and pesticides, using less fossil fuels and not littering may seem like small remedies for a massive problem. Yet, imagine what would happen if millions of people adopted these policies.”

Sherry Dole has done years of research on the plight of many animals. “Animals existed a long time before humans joined them on this planet,” Sherry points out. “Animals are being lost to us and our children mostly because of pollution and loss of habitat. We may lose the manatee because a few people want to speed recklessly through waterways inhabited by these animals for thousands of years. Is it worth it to you? The excesses of human ego never cease to amaze me.”

A number of years ago, after Sherry had read many books about animal habitat destruction and observed how most people turn a deaf ear to the warnings of experts, she decided to use her art to reach as many people as possible. With wit and humor, she approaches the problem with a new perspective. Since animal lovers have sought her work for years, Sherry believes in the intelligence and caring spirit of her collectors.

“We need each other to survive and prosper. People need to make a living and they need a place to live. The time has come, though, to achieve these things in a enlightened and conscientious manner.”

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