About Sherry Dole

The Southern artist Sherry Dole is recognized as a premier painter of fanciful whimsy. Her style is joyful, witty, often irreverent, and always unexpected. She is known for her intense devotion to detail, and her dynamic use of color. Her growing list of collectors particularly appreciate her unique representational style featuring cats, mice, dogs, rabbits, monkeys, frogs and even alligators in her original mixed media paintings, which have been reproduced in limited edition, fine art Giclee prints.

Sherry states, “in preparing to paint, I always see myself as a theatrical producer. I design the stage, choose my lead characters, and create their incredible costumes. The scenes, however, come to life only when viewed by persons of light spirit, who can appreciate them. My work offers me the opportunity to communicate with people visually on a common ground. Although we each will experience our own tragedies on life’s stage, then through my paintings may we also appreciate the humor and love necessary to transcend over heartbreaks. Or, in other words, life is too short–let’s have fun while we’re here.

Because her images mean so much to the people who collect them, Sherry Dole has a deep feeling of responsibility to maintain her exacting standards in creativity and originality.  She is always looking forward to her next painting.

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