Cat Art

Artists have always found cats to be fascinating subjects.  Cats have been portrayed in many forms–in paintings and sculpture in all sorts of styles.  Each artist has spoken from his or her own personal point of view and connection with the cat.

Sherry Dole, an animal lover from birth, has chosen to portray cats in her own inimitable style.  From the beginning of her work as an artist, cats have been a central feature in many of her paintings.  In her Giclee‘ prints, you will meet comical cats, cool cats, curious cats, clever cats, cute cats, cuddly cats, and even contemplative cats.  Cats fit so easily into Sherry Dole’s world of imagination:  she translates the wonderful cat form in a variety of movements and poses in delightful situations and lavish costumes.

All of the cats in Sherry’s art have been rescued.  Each cat (even the more stylized cats) belong to wonderful people who have given them very special, loving homes.  Sherry considers this an extremely important element in her work.  As cats have overtaken dogs as the most popular pet in the United States, Great Britain, France and Australia, many are in need of homes.  Sherry feels that it is vitally important to promote adopting from shelters and spaying or neutering as an imperative.

The fine art prints of Sherry Dole are a must for every cat lover.  Which one will you choose first?  Just like cats, we don’t believe you will be satisfied with only one.

“When you’re special to a cat, you’re special indeed.” — Anonymous

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